u-he RePro-1 'research-ware' plugin is now available for free

Alpha papa.
Alpha papa.

Berlin developer u-he has launched the Alpha version of its latest monosynth plugin for free.

As we saw at this year's Superbooth, the RePro-1 is an emulation of the Sequential Circuits Pro-One. It features five different filter types, of which you can vote for your favourite. It's hoped that what the German firm is calling 'research-ware' will facilitate better implementation of the filter in the final version of the synth.

The decision to open up the Alpha to public testing was born out of a desire to keep CPU usage to a minimum. Filtering takes up a lot of CPU power, and so it was decided to let the community decide which one they prefer.

The five filter options on offer range from the simple and not very CPU intensive, to the complex and very CPU intensive.

While this version doesn't have an expiration date, it also doesn't include some of the features that will make it to the final version; the envelope, LFO and hugely deep modulation matrix will be added later.

The plugin can be downloaded now from the RePro-1 KVR page, where you'll also be able cast your vote.

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