TR-707 sounds coming to Roland Aira TR-8

As pointed out by Synthtopia, the Roland Aira TR-8 demo video above, filmed at this year's Dancefair festival in Utrecht by DV247, seems to confirm our suspicions that Roland is planning on adding additional modelled drum sounds to its recently released TR-8 drum machine.

The TR-8 already includes impressive recreations of Roland's TR-808 and TR-909 grooveboxes, but - as we pointed out in our review - features a number of empty preset slots seemingly ready to be loaded with extra sounds. At around 1.15, the video demo introduces a third set of sounds, the TR-707, and promises that these are due to arrive in a future update.

There's no word as yet as to whether the 707 sounds will be a free update for current owners or be sold as an add-on, but either way it's an interesting development. Bearing in the impressive results of Roland's new ACB modelling technology so far, here's hoping the 707 will be the first in a long line of additional classic drum machine sounds.

Si Truss

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