This might be the LinnStrument you can actually afford

Could this become a LinnStrumental part of your setup?
Could this become a LinnStrumental part of your setup?

If you've been put off buying Roger Linn's LinnStrument controller because you think it's too big or (more likely) you can't afford it, you might be intrigued by the LinnStrument 128.

A smaller, cheaper version of the LinnStrument, this comes with 128 note pads (as opposed to 200 on the standard model), has a 4-octave range and can only be powered over USB, but is otherwise the same as the original.

What's more, it's significantly cheaper - $999 as opposed to $1499. That's still a not-inconsiderable price, but should put the LinnStrument's expressive control capabilities within reach of more people.

In related news, version 2.0 of the LinnStrument software has just been released, which adds (among other things) a polyphonic step sequencer option.

Find out more on the Roger Linn Design website.

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