The Minimoog Model D is back in production

Moog's reissue of its seminal Minimoog, the Model D is now back in full production.

After landing at this year's Moogfest in a pop-up factory where a handful of special guests were invited to build there own, the Model D has entered full production at the company's Asheville headquarters.

Compared the original, there are no changes to the sound and audio signal path, however the reissued version will now feature some functional modifications that look to "expand the instrument's sonic capabilities beyond the factory specifications of a 1970's production unit."

A premium Fatar keybed with velocity and after pressure available via top panel CV jacks, alongside a dedicated analogue LFO with triangle and square waveshapes. Other modifications include; CV outputs for pitch, gate, velocity and after pressure, basic MIDI integration, and a mixer overload modification, which when engaged, allows the Minimoog Model D to conjure thicker and far more overdriven sounds than before.

The Moog Minimoog Model D is now available worldwide from authorised dealers, however it must be noted that Moog will only be able to complete a handful of orders per month.The retail price is set at £3599 inc VAT, with a suggested street price of £3249 and should be shipping in August, for a mid September arrival. More information can be found on the Moog website.

Minimoog Model D features

  • 3 vintage Moog oscillators
  • Classic Moog low pass ladder filter with resonance
  • Analog circuit boards recreated using original designs and component placement
  • Custom reissued transistors critical to sound quality and character
  • Military spec precision resistors
  • Precision Linear System matched JFETs in oscillators
  • Classic thermoset, knurled pitch and mod wheels
  • CV Modifications: outputs added for Pitch, Aftertouch, Velocity and Gate (Aftertouch and Velocity have dedicated output level attenuators)
  • Modulation Modifications: analog Triangle/Square wave LFO and Filter Envelope added as modulation sources, as well as an External Modulation CV input
  • Overload Modification: the output of the Minimoog Model D is automatically scaled and fed back to the External Audio Input for instantly available overdrive
  • Improved circuit board connectors for touring reliability
  • Fatar TP-9 keybed with velocity and aftertouch
  • MIDI in, out and thru
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