The Minimoog is back: Moog reissues the classic Model D

It is, by many people's reckoning, the greatest synthesizer of all time, so the news that Moog is reviving the Minimoog Model D is surely cause for celebration.

For many, this will be the synth revival to end all synth revivals, and it's starting right now. At Moogfest 2016, which runs until 22 May, Moog is handcrafting a set of pilot-production units at a pop-up factory, and these will be available for purchase on site throughout the festival.

For the benefit of those who don't know, the Minimoog was a 3-oscillator monophonic analogue synth that was produced between 1970 and 1981. It had a filter to die for, and its compact size was in stark contrast to many of the behemoth instruments that were around at the time, making it a favourite among gigging players.

What's more, it had a sound that was bursting with character, and its design set a template that is still being followed by synth manufacturers today. It's also been emulated in software more times than we'd care to mention.

The word is that the reissued Minimoog will cost $3499. This certainly doesn't put it into the 'affordable synth category', and there will be those who'll argue that you could get a more powerful and flexible instrument for far less, but really: who wouldn't want one of these in their studio?

Keep up to speed with developments on the Moog Music website.

Ben Rogerson

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