The Eiosis e2deesser plugin wants to be your ultimate de­essing tool

Eiosis has announced the release of the​ e2deesser VST plugin which has been designed to be extremely easy to use for musicians and audio enthusiasts alike.

E2deesser's simplicity comes from its two main parameters (Sensitivity and Amount), and by giving access to fine adjustments such as the Sibilants and Output controls, Eiosis has combined visual feedback with advanced audio processing in one "beautiful interface".

Within the Sibilants section the Smooth control brings a gentle and natural smoothing saturation in order to remove peakiness and high amplitudes from the sibilants. Whereas the Auto dial adjusts the frequency response of the sibilants, dynamically and intelligently.

For advanced users, the equalizer allows precise adjustment of the sibilant and voiced sound. This unique feature brings ultimate flexibility: you can notch unpleasant resonances in the sibilants, add some Air on the voiced signal only, or gently boost high frequencies to balance mid range heavy sibilants.

The e2deesser is available at an introductory price of $99 with an MSRP $149 and you can purchase the plugin from the Eiosis website. The​ e2deesser is compatible on Win/Mac, 32/64 bits: AAX, VST2, VST3, AU and requires an iLok 2 dongle to run, but if you want to try it out, a fully functional 15 day trial is available to download from Eoisis.