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Synth week on musicradar

Synth week on musicradar

(Photos - Bob Moog: © Michele Asselin/Corbis, Kraftwerk: © Juerg Mueller/epa/Corbis, Stevie Wonder: © Aaron Rapoport/Corbis)

Welcome to Synth Week on MusicRadar - a celebration of the instrument that, quite simply, changed the sound of music forever.

With synthetic tones once again dominating the airwaves (God damn it, even the keytar's back), there's never been a better time for us to consider the designers, instruments, players, programmers and tracks that have shaped synth history.

However, this isn't just a nostalgia-fest - if you take anything away from this week, we hope that it's the desire to use more synths in your own music.

Here's the story of Synth Week so far - keep checking back for more.

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