Step sequencing using four Novation Launchpads

Back in 2011 we told you about Lauflicht, a plug-in for the Renoise DAW that enables you to use your Novation Launchpad as a step sequencer.

The third version of Lauflicht ups the ante somewhat, enabling you to use up to four Launchpads together and load/mix patterns in real-time.

Find out more in the video above. Lauflicht 3 costs €24 and is available now.

Lauflicht 3 features

  • 8, 16 or 32 steps
  • Multiple Launchpads support: automatic detection of up to four Launchpads
  • Unlimited tracks, unlimited patterns
  • Set up for each track a sample, sample bank, a vst instrument or a Midi instrument of your choice
  • Chord mode: insert up to 3 notes in one track
  • Variable note resolution: 3 modes switchable (for example edit 1/2, 1/4 or 1/16 notes)
  • Quick clear: delete all steps of a track at once
  • Complete bidrectional Launchpad integration: all changes made with the Launchpad are visible in the software plugin at once and vice versa
  • Autoload: new patterns are loaded into the plugin/Launchpad display automatically on pattern change
  • All parameters are editable during play in the plugin in real time
  • Keyboard mode: create melodies with a virtual keyboard in an intuitive and easy way
  • Powerful controller matrix: assign up to eight parameters to every single step, like filter cutoff, delay, velocity or any other controllable parameter and change them in real-time. Also the note values of the steps can be controlled.
  • Pattern load mode: switch between up to sixteen stored patterns in real time or even mix the tracks of two different patterns.
  • Easy installation of the plugin, all available Launchpads are detected automatically.
Ben Rogerson
Deputy Editor

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