Steinberg Cubasis for iPad DAW

Steinberg has released Cubasis for iPad, what appears to be a 'proper' audio/MIDI DAW for Apple's tablet.

Although this isn't quite Cubase for iPad, it looks to be the next best thing. Indeed, projects started in Cubasis can be loaded into the full version of Cubase on your Mac or PC.

Feature highlights include technically unlimited audio and MIDI tracks (though your iPad hardware will of course impose its own limits), 70 HALion Sonic-powered virtual instrument sounds, a MixConsole mixer, sample and key editors and over 300 MIDI and audio loops.

You can also sequence other CoreMIDI apps (MIDI recording only) with Cubasis running simultaneously via background audio.

At £34.99, Cubasis for iPad isn't exactly cheap, but if it provides a serious mobile music making platform, it's going to interest a lot of people.

We'll have more once we've taken the app for a spin. For now, check out the video above and the specs below.

Steinberg Cubasis for iPad features

  • Unlimited audio and MIDI tracks (depends on the device used)
  • Over 70 virtual instrument sounds based on HALion Sonic
  • MixConsole with over 10 effect processors
  • Over 300 MIDI and audio loops
  • Virtual keyboard and virtual drum pads
  • Sample Editor and Key Editor
  • Export projects to Cubase, Dropbox, SoundCloud, AudioCopy and email
  • Core Audio and Core MIDI compatible hardware supported
  • Sequence other CoreMIDI apps (MIDI recording only) and run Cubasis simultaneously via background audio
  • Audio import from iTunes music library, AudioPaste, Wi-Fi server and iTunes file sharing
  • Audio mixdown and MIDI export
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