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Spitfire Audio brings the Tundra in a chilling update to the Albion range

Spitfire Audio has announced the latest installment of its highly recommended orchestral series: Albion V Tundra.

This draws its inspiration from the minimalist work of composer Arvo Pärt, the collection is based on samples recorded with a 100-piece orchestra, with Spitfire Audio saying that it's done something that no-one else has dared to do and record sounds "at the edge of silence."

Alongside the orchestral content are bellows, percussion and a characterful warped synth section, which is on hand to add "an authentic chill to your compositions."

Albion V Tundra will be available to buy from Thursday 20 October for an introductory price of £299 (normally £399), and requires Kontakt Player 5.5 or later. More information can be found on the Spitfire Audio website.

Here are some more video examples of Tundra in action: