SoundToys releases MicroShift widening plugin

MicroShift is all grown up.
MicroShift is all grown up.

Back in 2013 SoundToys released little MicroShift, a simple plugin that enables you to add width, space and spread to any track. Now it's launched a big brother for the software, known simply as MicroShift.

This works by adding small amounts of delay and/or pitchshifting panned hard left and right, and you can use it on the likes of vocals, synths and guitars. The full version of MicroShift adds a Focus knob that enables you to process specific frequency ranges without touching the rest of the track, and you also have Detune and Delay knobs.

As with little MicroShift, you can choose from three micro pitchshifting modes that are inspired by classic hardware.

MicroShift is available now in PC/Mac native plugin formats for $89 (the purchase includes little MicroShift). You'll need an iLok account to run it, but not an iLok key. A demo is also available - find out more on the SoundToys website.

Ben Rogerson
Deputy Editor

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