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Sound Grinder Pro offers wave editing and batch processing

Wave editing is just one of the strings on Sound Grinder Pro's bow.
Wave editing is just one of the strings on Sound Grinder Pro's bow.

Monkey Tools´ new Sound Grinder Pro blends a fully-featured multi-channel wave editor and a batch processor into a single Mac-compatible application. An advanced version of the standard Sound Grinder, it´s designed to serve as a companion to your main DAW.

The wave editor is said to be extremely efficient, and enables you to work with the likes of fades, loops and markers. The waveform overview promises to ease navigation of your audio, and you can process it with your favourite AU and VST plug-ins.

Also onboard is a new MP3 codec from Thomson/Fraunhofer that´s said to deliver pristine conversion. Mono, stereo and 5.1 surround MP3 files can be created.

There are advanced metadata options, too: this can be edited in large batches and copied from one file to another.

People who use audio editors on a day-to-day basis tend to get rather attached to their software of choice, so it´ll be interesting to see whether any of them can be persuaded to switch to Sound Grinder Pro. Sensibly, the developer is offering a 15-day fully-featured demo - this can be downloaded form the Monkey Tools website, where you´ll also find further spec details.

The software costs $299.