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Slate Digital is offering you The Monster, an "extreme" compressor, for free

With a name like The Monster, you'd expect Slate Digital's new plugin freebie to be something of a processing behemoth, and it does indeed come billed as an "extreme" dynamic processor.

It's designed to emulate the "all buttons in" extreme compression sound of the classic FET limiter hardware, but with a few other features to make the plugin more versatile, creative and useful.

For example, there's high frequency detection that's designed to smooth things out at the top end, a variable high-pass filter for low-end control and to make your tracks sound bigger and more punchy, and a wet/dry knob.

The Monster is free for all iLok 2 owners - just download Slate Digital's Virtual Mix Rack and it'll be right there waiting for you. Find out more on the Slate Digital website.