Sinevibes gets animated with version 2 of its Shift plugin

Sinevibes is on the update trail once again, adding some spit and polish to its Shift rhythmic frequency shifter and releasing version 2.

This is based on a step-sequenced envelope generator, with patterns being sent to control either a frequency shifter or a ring modulator. You can use Shift to create detuned, chirping and zappy effects, and all in time with the incoming audio.

Version 2 heralds the arrival of a redesigned interface and rewritten 'internals'. The live sound waveform is aligned with the sequencer graphics to give you 'what you see is what you get' operation.

Specs are below, and you can find out more and download a demo on the Sinevibes website. Shift 2 costs $29 and is available as a Mac AU plugin. The update is free for existing users.

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