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Roland Boutique images leaked online

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Roland Boutique JP-08 3/4

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Roland Boutique JP-08 front

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Roland Boutique JP-08 back

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Roland Boutique JU-06 3/4

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Roland Boutique JU-06 front

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Roland Boutique JU-06 back

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Roland Boutique JX-03 3/4

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Roland Boutique JX-03 front

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Roland Boutique JX-03 back

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Roland Boutique back

Since Roland dropped a teaser video showing the silhouettes of three new instruments last week, the online synth community has been on red alert to catch any leaks of images and specs. And, as so often happens in situations like this, there has been such a leak.

It seems that retailer zZounds inadvertently published images of all three new synths alongside detailed specifications. Obviously, all the snaps have now been taken down from the site, but not before the aforementioned internet masses could download and share them.

As you'd expect, there's been no official word from Roland, so the authenticity of the images cannot be verified. However, they look pretty genuine to us.

If the images and specs are to be believed, here's what we know. The three Roland Boutique models are the JP-08, the JU-06 and JX-03, which are based on the Jupiter-8, Juno-106 and JX-3P respectively. All three instruments look to feature Roland's ACB (Analog Circuit Behaviour) technology found in products from the Aira range and four-voice polyphony.

The units operate as standalone sound modules, or with an optional 25-key mini keyboard. Each one features battery power and includes an onboard speaker, so it looks like portability is a priority.

We hope to have more information soon, so keep your eyes glued to MusicRadar and the Roland Boutique website.