Roland to revive classic Jupiter, JX and Juno synths in new Boutique range?

Roland is playing the teaser game again, launching a video that namechecks three of its classic synths before suggesting that they could be revived in a new range of mini-keyed products that fall under the Roland Boutique banner.

At the start of the video we see the Jupiter-8, followed by the JX-3P and finally the Juno-106 - all classics we're sure you'll agree - before the outlines of three new keyboards are revealed.

The Boutique products are dimly lit to show the off their many LEDs (it looks like there could be plenty of control options here) and it's also possible to make out what looks like a two-octave mini keyboard on each instrument.

The Boutique name is interesting: it suggests that these synths could be designed to appeal to a select group of customers, but our first thoughts are that, like Yamaha's Reface keyboards, these products may actually be targeted at the mainstream.

For more information and further teaser videos, check out the Roland Boutique webpage.

Simon Arblaster
Video Producer & Reviews Editor

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