ReKawl for iOS helps save studio settings

Never forget a setting again!
Never forget a setting again!

It's not a new idea to take pictures to help recall settings when in the studio, but the ReKawl app aims to organise and simply the process.

By using your phone's built-in camera, the app can store photos away from your other photos, works cross platform storing DAW settings and hardware settings, plus once you are done you can export the settings as a standard HTML website.

You can organise by sound, session or if you're a touring musician, by set list, giving this application great value to guitarists and guitar techs. You can also build a custom tag library, use custom logos and easily share all the settings when done. It's a simple idea, but if ReKawl have nailed it, you might see this in the pocket of many studio bods and gigging musicians.

Rekawl and Rekawl Lite are available now on the app store.