Orchestral articulation made easy for Logic Pro users

Art Conductor is a MIDI script for users of Logic Pro X, created by babylonwaves. When using a ROMpler with different articulations, the script acts as a middle man, with the articulation in use is selected from a list. Because this can then be automated, easy switching can be performed on demand.

You can check out the video here.

The search for authentic orchestral sounds in modern DAWs is, to say the least… not hugely fruitful.

TV and film audiences are now specifically attuned to bombastic, processed orchestral sounds that any classical musician would dismiss as 'unrealistic', and this can be both a symptom and a cause of a lack of versatility in today's soundbanks.

Anyone after a realistic recreation of what one instrument can actually play over the course of a timeline may have to contend with loading different articulations (plucked, bowed, trem, etc) onto different channels, if keyswitching isn't available. Art Conductor could be the remedy if you're unhappy with a system such as this… and you're using Logic Pro

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