Ohm Studio price and release date revealed

Get Ohm Studio and make a track with these guys. Possibly.
Get Ohm Studio and make a track with these guys. Possibly.

It's been in beta since the start of June, and now Ohm Force has revealed more about the release phase of its long-awaited, collaboration-friendly Ohm Studio DAW. Crucially, this means that we now know when it'll be available and how much it'll cost.

The plan is that beta testing will end in October, paving the way for a 'proper' release. At this point, you'll be able to either continue to use a limited free account or pay €9 a month for full access to the Ohm Studio universe.

If you're already convinced of the merits of the software, there are some pre-order options, too. €39 currently gets you a 6-month access pack, while you can get a lifetime subscription for €149. The price of this last option will rise by €25 every month until the software is released, at which point it will be removed.

The inclusion of the 'pay-once' option will please those who don't approve of subscription models; the downside is that only way to take advantage of it is to make your purchase before the software is actually finished, so you might argue that there is an element of risk involved here.

Find out more on the Ohm Studio website.

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