Oeksound's new plugin promises to Soothe the sound of your vocals automatically

Soothe operator.
Soothe operator.

Oeksound only has one plugin on its roster, so it's perhaps not surprising that the company is claiming that it's "the one new plugin that you actually need". It goes by the name of Soothe, and is a dynamic resonance suppressor for mid and high frequencies.

Soothe was originally conceived as a vocal processor, and analyses the input signal on the fly. It automatically reduces the mid and high frequencies as required, leaving neighbouring frequencies untouched. To put it another way, it's a dynamic EQ with self-adjusting frequency bands.

The theory is that you'll end up with more detail, top end and presence. As well as sorting out your vocals - removing sibilance, for example - Oeksound also says that Soothe can fix fingerboard noise problems on an acoustic guitar recording, tame excessive whistling from cymbal close mics, and tone down overly-bright electric guitar and piano tracks.

The interface enables you to control the frequency range and sensitivity of Soothe's processing and make further tweaks as necessary. Oeksound says that you won't hear many artefacts, with the sound being "as natural as you like".

Soothe is available now as a Mac VST/AU/AAX plugin, with a Windows version in development. It's being offered at the introductory price of €99, rising to €149 on 6 November. You can also download a 14-day demo.

Find out more on the Oeksound website.

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