Numark's NV Serato DJ controller gets updated

Numark has announced the NV II, a follow up to its immensely popular NV Serato DJ controller.

The inMusic brand has listened to the NV community and brought about a range of feature updates that address much of the feedback received.

The navigation control has been improved with the following upgrades:

  • Push to Load via Knob
  • Deck swap on big button
  • Onboard quick access controls for beat jump and quantize on/off

In addition to the 5-column sort options for the music, there are also further additional columns for KEY, BPM and TIME.

The NV II adds grid lines on the screens to help DJs visualise their tracks with greater accuracy.

There's no exact release date yet, but we know that the NV II will be shipping in Summer 2016 with an MSRP of £539.99. For more information head on over to the Numark website.

Numark NVII key features

  • 4-decks of Serato DJ software control in a sleek, low-profile design
  • Dual full-colour displays provide 1:1 real-time visualization of Serato DJ
  • Gridlines on screen enable perfect beat matching
  • 5-column options to show Song, Artist, Time, BPM, and Key
  • Dual 5-inch hyper-responsive metal platters with search and scratch modes
  • Adaptive learning platter technology for optimum response
  • 16 velocity-sensitive trigger pads with backlit RGB feedback
  • 10 pad modes for hot cues, loop slicing, and sample triggering
  • Mouseless library browsing controls with dedicated on-screen feedback
  • Integrated BPM metering for manual beat matching; Sync button for an instant match
  • Pro-grade crossfader with Fader Start and curve adjustment
  • Zone/booth outputs and balanced XLR outputs for club use
  • Serato DJ included via download
Simon Arblaster
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