Numark releases portable USB turntable

Now you can convert your vinyl on the train. If you want.
Now you can convert your vinyl on the train. If you want.

USB DJ turntables are nothing new, but Numark's PT-01USB sets itself apart by being portable.

As you can see from the pic, this isn't a device that you can slip into your pocket, but it can run on batteries (as well as wall power), meaning that conversion of your vinyl collection to digital audio files can, in theory, take place anywhere.

In addition to the USB port, there's also an RCA line output (so the turntable can be hooked up to any audio equipment), while the presence of an aux input enables you to connect a cassette deck or other device. There's even a monitoring speaker so you can use the turntable standalone.

As is usually the case with these things, the PT-01USB comes with recording software - EZ Vinyl Converter 2 - which promises to make it easy to get your recordings into your iTunes library on the PC. Mac users can use the supplied EZ Audio Creator 2.

MusicRadar isn't sure how much of a carrot the PT-01USB's portability actually is - surely, most vinyl-to-digital conversion will take place in the home? - but it does at least look as well spec'd as many other USB turntables. The list price is $149.

Ben Rogerson
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