Nothing else platters: Metallica signature turntable breaks cover

Metallica’s ‘signature’ range just got a little larger with the announcement of the official Metallica Limited Edition Turntable. Yes - now metal heads can spin their Metallica vinyl on a turntable endorsed by the band themselves.

Coming from major turntable player Pro-Ject Audio Systems, the new deck promises stunning sound and spectacular visuals. The unusually shaped lightning bolt deck has a mirror-finished metal surface with a platter made of clear glass, which not only gives the deck some heft and presence, but also has a high mass that ensures tight and accurate playback.

Behind the scenes there’s a diamond-cut aluminium sub-platter - again, increasing the mass and providing additional damping of noise and unwanted resonance. 

Elsewhere there’s the heavyweight 22cm curved S-shaped tone arm and diamond-tipped stylus that Pro-Ject is known for.

Needless to say the feet, drive pulley and amplifier connectors are all made of pure, unadulterated metal.

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MusicRadar Team

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