Novation to announce new product on 1 October

Novation has something new up its technological sleeve
Novation has something new up its technological sleeve.

Novation has added a countdown timer to the front page of its website, indicating that it'll be launching a new product on Thursday 1 October at 12pm (UK time).

No other details about the launch have yet been revealed (MusicRadar has its suspicions about what's going to be announced but, at the moment, we can't say any more either).

Novation's main focus recently has been on MIDI controllers, with its most recent release being the keyboard version of the popular Nocturn control surface. Whether this new product will run along similar lines or be a complete departure remains to be seen.

Whatever gets launched, we'll bring you all the details on Thursday. In the meantime, feel free to speculate on what might be coming by commenting below.