NI's Absynth Twilights: dark, creamy and luxuriant

More brooding sounds from NI
More brooding sounds from NI

Native Instruments has released another Kore Soundpack based on Absynth 4's powerful synth engine. Absynth Twilights contains an extra 200 sounds, with eight variations per sound, making a combined total of 1,600 sound variations.

The sounds on offer are the warm, textural or foreboding atmospheres that Absynth 4 is famous for. These can be previewed on NI's site before buying.

MusicRadar thinks that the best feature could be the option to vary the sounds in real-time. A video of the Kore Player and Absynth Twilights in action shows how a square can be dragged around eight boxes on the interface to smoothly change the sound. This is especially good news for musicians who want to add movement, tension and release to their tracks.

The new Absynth Twilights Soundpack is available for download now from NI's site, costing $59/€49 and taking up a meagre 360MB of hard drive space on your PC or Mac. It's compatible with NI's Kore 2, the free Kore Player and Absynth 4.