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NI Kore 2.1 adds MIDI control mode

The Kore 2 controller can now be used with any MIDI-compatible application.
The Kore 2 controller can now be used with any MIDI-compatible application.

PRESS RELEASE: Native Instruments today released KORE 2.1, a free update for its innovative software workstation. The new version adds a powerful MIDI Control Mode that makes the KORE controller double as a versatile and completely customizable MIDI control surface.

With its eight touch-sensitive knobs and practical control layout, the KORE controller is highly capable both for sound manipulation and for sequencer control. With version 2.1, the hardware can act as a control surface for any MIDI-compatible application, with or without the KORE software running. MIDI Control Mode can be toggled on-the-fly with a dedicated button combination.

The "Controller Editor" application included in KORE 2.1 can be used to easily assign a wide range of MIDI commands to any knob or button on the KORE hardware with maximum flexibility. MIDI Control Mode also supports the Mackie Control Universal (MCU) protocol, allowing the KORE controller to be used for efficient DAW control with minimum setup effort.

Further enhancements in KORE 2.1 include optimized Pro Tools compatibility under Mac OS X 10.5 as well as various fixes and stability improvements.

The 2.1 update is now available as a free download for all owners of KORE 2.

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