Native Instruments samples washing machine for new Kore Soundpack

Acoustic Refractions offers an alternative to standard instrumental sounds
Acoustic Refractions offers an alternative to 'standard' instrumental sounds.

Native Instruments' latest Kore Soundpack goes by the name of Acoustic Refractions, and features acoustic sample material that's been processed to create "weird and wonderful tones and textures".

It was created in partnership with sound design artist Jeremiah Savage, whose raw sonic material included samples of light bulbs, blocks of ice, washing machines, spray cans and even the Golden Gate Bridge.

Could inspiration have been taken from Spectrasonics, we wonder, which collated all manner of unusual sample material for its Omnisphere synth?

Once gathered, the content was put through the Kontakt sampling engine, resulting in 100 KoreSounds that can be loaded into Kore 2 or the free Kore Player. Despite their unusual origins, these are said to be highly playable.

Acoustic Refractions is available now from the NI Online Shop. It costs $79/€69.