NAMM 2017: Take a closer look at the Akai MPC X and MPC Live with these tutorial videos

The new kids on the block.
The new kids on the block.

NAMM 2017: Further to Akai Pro's announcement of the latest generation in MPC hardware, the inMusic brand has also launched four tutorial videos showcasing what the new standalone instruments can do.

Standalone Challenge: Zaytoven

In this episode of the Standalone Challenge, Akai link up with Grammy-award winning producer Zaytoven (Gucci Mane, Migos, Drake, Future). Watch as one of the main architects of the Trap sound, creates a track from scratch using only the MPC Live and an MPK249 plugged directly into the Live. No computers were used in the making of this beat.

Standalone Challenge: Bryan Michael-Cox

The second Standalone Challenge heads into the studio of renowned hitmaker Bryan Michael-Cox (Chris Brown, Justin Bieber, Trey Songz, Mary J. Blige). Plugging his MIDI keyboard and external hard drive directly into the new MPC X, Bryan creates a track on the fly using the sounds contained in the X and a few hand-picked samples. No computers were used in the making of this beat.

MPC Lounge: Audio Tracks

Here's how the new MPC Live handles audio tracks. Using a vocal a cappella, the pitch and tempo of the audio is tweaked using the real-time timestretch and pitch-shift algorithm.

MPC Lounge: Clip Launch

This final demo sees the brand new Clip Launching program in action, using the MPC Live. Powered by the MPC's new timestretching algorithm, the clip launch feature lets you trigger audio loops and samples in realtime.

We'll be testing both of the new MPCs as soon as possible, so check back soon for more on both sampling instruments. Find out more on the Akai Pro website.

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