Musikmesse 2013: u-he unveils Satin Tape Machine plugin

MUSIKMESSE 2013: Most plugin-only developers don't bother to exhibit in Frankfurt, preferring to launch products with web-based presentations and videos, but u-he's Urs Heckmann and crew are on the show floor showcasing the new Satin Tape Machine effect plug-in. In the video above Future Music caught up with Satin developer Sascha Eversmeier about the new plugin currently in beta stages.

This is inspired by various machines (as opposed to being modelled on a specific piece of gear) and enables you to select a tape speed from 7.5 to 30 ips. There's saturation with supposedly realistic bias and hysteresis, wow and flutter.

You can select your pre- and post-equalisation curves, generate tape delay with up to four repro heads and create on-the-fly flanging effects.

No news yet on a release date or price.


Ben Rogerson
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