Moog Music discontinues the Little Phatty

Moog Music has announced that it is to discontinue production of the Little Phatty analogue synth - the first hardware unit to be released by the company following the death of founder Dr Bob Moog in 2005.

As well as being the first instrument to be produced following Moog's death, the original Little Phatty Tribute was the first to be created by Moog Music's current chief engineer Cyril Lance. In the years since, the synth - which is designed to encapsulate the look and feel of classic Moog hardware - has gone through three incarnations, the Tribute, Stage I and Stage II.

The company has announced that it will continue to produce the Little Phatty Stage II at its factory in North Carolina "while parts and materials last", which they expect to be around two months.

Moog Music have produced the short documentary clip above which offers some insight into the design and production of the Little Phatty, and how the company coped with the passing of its founder.

The Phatty range lives on, however, through the desktop-friendly Slim Phatty, and this year's excellent Sub Phatty.

Si Truss

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