Meta.DJ iPad app fuses DJing and remixing

Meta.DJ: mix with more than just complete tracks.
Meta.DJ: mix with more than just complete tracks.

The line between DJing and music production is becoming increasingly blurred, and this meeting of worlds is reflected in Meta.DJ, a new iPad app from Sound Trends.

This equips you with not only Track Decks, which enable you to pull in songs from your iTunes library, but also further devices that enable you to personalise your mixes. These include a drum machine, sampler and loop player. Each device can be assigned up to four effects from a choice of 15.

Meta.DJ allows you to use up to four of these devices at any one time, giving you plenty of scope to get creative. It's available now on the App Store priced at £6.99, and you can find out more in the press release below.

Meta.DJ is the first app built from the ground-up for serious, quad deck DJ performance and to let DJs infuse dance production instruments and FX into their mix. Now DJs can use their iPad to perform using Quad Deck/Device set-ups with up to 4 virtual devices at once. Devices include Track Decks with Cue/Loop Presets (for playing/manipulating iTunes tracks) plus electronic instruments like the drumtron drum machine, SaMPL3R (for adding arpeggios, basses, chord stabs and other musical parts) and Looptastic (for playing/mixing audio loops). Each device can be assigned up to 4 effects (from 15 different effects including Filters, Delay, Stutter, etc.) - all BPM-driven and under the control of an XY touch pad. Device Snapshots let the user swap devices in and out on-the-fly, complete with their content and mix information (level, FX , etc). An in-app store provides new Loop Sets by established 3rd parties and producers via. Meta.DJ includes demo tracks and Loop Sets content by DJ Puzzle ( and Myagi (

Meta.DJ requires iOS 4.1 or above and is available today for at an introductory price of only $9.99 in the Apple App Store.



Use any combination of up to 4 virtual devices at a time! Drag and drop device Snapshots into the work area on-the-fly.


Load any track from iTunes into a Track Deck to see how the tools in meta.DJ can breath new life into a library.

  • • iTunes Integration - Easily import tracks from the device's iTunes library.
  • •Automatic BPM Detection - meta.DJ analyzes track tempo and provides special tools for fixing any tricky tracks.
  • •Sync Mode - Tracks, instruments and FX all can sync to a master tempo to cut the fuss factor and keep things creative.
  • • Cues/Loop Presets - The waveform display help gets things just right. Playback automatically plays back on the beat.
  • • Auto Loop - Use for creating Loop Presets or throw in 1/2/4/8/16 or 32 bar loops on-the-fly during your Set!


The best-selling remix instrument for audio loops.

  • • Scratch Strip interface for scratching and interactive control of loop playback
  • • Each loop is a fader for intuitive mixes
  • • 3 FX zones
  • • Imports any current Loop Sets, both user-created sets and those purchased from the Loop Store.


A new take on the drum machine. Mix together Kick, Snare, HiHat and other component parts to build the mix energy. FIVE pounding kits loaded with parts are included and all without using audio loops so the sound stays tight at all tempos.


Based on grüvtron, SaMPL3R lets you easily add instrument parts (arpeggios, chord stabs, basses, leads, etc) to the mix in any key and morph them together. Plus a Control Strip lets you add filter and modulation to the sound. Key Mode allows for playing the instrument sound live with a keyboard-like interface and can help users find the key of their tracks.


Each device has it's own mixer fader with up to FOUR (4) assignable FX including Filters, Gate, Stutter Effects, Bitcrusher, Flanger, Glitchy Repeater, Delay, Reverb, Pan, Compressor and Pump. All FX controlled by an XY pad with "Hold" feature, plus stutter, delay and modulation effects are BPM driven for maximum impact and minimum hassle.


Each Set Document includes user-defined combinations of devices with a collection of Snapshots. Snapshots include the content in the Device (music tracks w-Cues/Loops, Instruments Presets, audio loops, etc.) and mix information (effects, volume), stored as easily recalled Snapshots.

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