"Master music theory instantly" with AutoTheory Pro

We've seen some bold claims made about new music software releases, but Mozaic's boast that AutoTheory Pro will enable you to "Master music theory instantly" is up there with the most ambitious of them.

Using either your QWERTY or MIDI controller keyboard, the premise is that this will give anyone the ability to play complex chords and melodies "in perfect key". It features the Chord Generator, which enables you to play through chords in a set key and scale, and the Melody Lock, which generates "tones" within each chord that you generate (there's also an arpeggiator mode).

For more flexibility, there are also eight MIDI outputs, so you can send whatever you generate within AutoTheory Pro to up to eight different instruments within your DAW. What's more, you can control what you send: the whole chord or just the root, for example.

An evolution of the existing AutoTheory, we assume, AutoTheory Pro is available now for PC and Mac priced at $50 (there's also a demo for you to try). You can find out more on the AutoTheory website.

If you want to tackle things in a more manual manner, check out our10 easy music theory tricks that every producer should know.

Ben Rogerson
Deputy Editor

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