Make your own toy piano T-shirt

Just wait until the ladies clock you in one of these
Just wait until the ladies clock you in one of these...

Wearable keyboards have a rather chequered history - has anyone ever looked good playing a keytar? - but perhaps their future will be brighter now that we have the toy piano T-shirt.

This is, quite literally, a toy piano attached to a T-shirt. The one in the picture was created for an Electronic Textile Workshop held in Switzerland (who knew such events took place?), but a step-by-step guide to fashioning your own is available online.

In essence, it's as simple as taking a toy piano apart and attaching the components to a T-shirt with poppers (these can be removed when you want to give the shirt a wash). Its eight notes can be played by pressing fabric buttons.

MusicRadar has three specific problems with the toy piano T-shirt: it makes the wearer look like a bit foolish, the sound isn't great and, as you can see below, you look a chump playing it. But these quibbles aside, it's probably excellent.

(Via Coolest Gadgets)