'MacBook Nano' created by fan

Put your credit card away - you can't buy it.
Put your credit card away - you can't buy it.

Pictures of the 'MacBook Nano' have surfaced on the internet. The only problem is that they're not real.

Apple is playing it cool when it comes to releasing a netbook - though rumours persist that we could see one in 2009 - so in the absence of an official model, one enterprising individual has fashioned his own.

MacRumors reports that this is based on an MSI U100 netbook and features a 1.6GHz Atom-based processor, a 10-inch display, 2GB RAM and a 320GB hard drive. Not only has this been modified to run OS X, but it also has an Apple logo on it and a MacBook Nano label.

Of course, this is all highly illegitimate, but it does give us a rough idea of what a mini MacBook might look like. We certainly like the idea of loading some music-making apps onto a machine similar to this.

Pedants that we are, though, we have to point out that, if this laptop's creator had wanted it to look really convincing, he should have called it the MacBook nano rather than the MacBook Nano. You can see more photos on his Flickr Photo Set.

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