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M-Tron Pro is a Mellotron and more

M-Tron Pro shares a number of features with the Virtual String Machine.
M-Tron Pro shares a number of features with the Virtual String Machine.

GForce's M-Tron Mellotron emulation has proven to be one of the company's most enduringly popular instruments, and we can now reveal that an updated version - the M-Tron Pro - is in development.

Looking like a Mellotron 400, the M-Tron Pro is built around the same sample-based engine as GForce's recently released Virtual String Machine. However, this isn't simply a strict emulation of the 400 - as is GForce's wont, it's added several 'extra' features to make things a bit more interesting.

The two most notable of these are the '1/2 Speed' and 'Tape Reverse' options. These work pretty much as their names suggest and, having heard them in action, we can confirm that they expand M-Tron Pro's creative potential considerably.

It should also be noted that M-Tron Pro features sound banks from Mattel's long-forgotten Optigan virtual organ. These tones haven't been in widespread circulation for some time (if ever), but the fact that they're soon to be heard on the eagerly-awaited new Goldfrapp album (or so we're led to believe) could well bring them back into fashion.

No news yet on when the M-Tron Pro will be released or how much it'll cost, but you can track its development on the GForce website. If the company's previous releases are anything to go by, you can expect it to be cross-platform and keenly priced.