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LoopDrive3 is free beat slicer

LoopDrive3 enables you to slice and process your beats.
LoopDrive3 enables you to slice and process your beats.

A beat slicing plug-in is a great addition to any software-based studio, and you can now pick up a free one in the shape of LoopDrive3.

Designed specifically for drums, this cuts loops into fixed-size lengths and enables you to rearrange slices with a step sequencer. The reverse sequencer, meanwhile, does as its name suggests and lets you play selected beats backwards.

As is customary with these things, LoopDrive3 also features a selection of effects that you can use to further mangle your beats. Bit-crushing, distortion and overdrive processors are included, and there's a filter, too.

Developed in SynthMaker (you can also download the schematic), LoopDrive3 is available now as a Windows VST from the developer's website.

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