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Logitech Illuminated Keyboard is its thinnest ever

The Illuminated Keyboard's backlight is adjustable.
The Illuminated Keyboard's backlight is adjustable.

Logitech has launched the Illuminated Keyboard - a stylish looking QWERTY device that features a backlight and the company's PerfectStroke key system. It's also Logitech's thinnest keyboard yet.

It's fair to say that the average home studio isn't the brightest place in the world, so the new 'board's backlighting should appeal to computer musician types.

It utilises microlens reflectors, a multilayer painting process and laser etching, apparently, all of which promise to deliver a brighter and sharper "backlight experience".

The PerfectStroke system is designed to enable a more "comfortable, fluid and silent" typing experience, and works by increasing the amount of key travel to 3.2mm.

The slimline design, meanwhile (the product measures 9.3mm from base to frame) makes the keyboard look decidedly high-tech.

Scheduled to ship in October, the Logitech Illuminated Keyboard will cost $80.