Live 7 LE makes Ableton software more affordable

The LE version of Live 7 certainly looks like the real deal...
The LE version of Live 7 certainly looks like the real deal...

Having previously released an LE version of Live 6, it was only going to be a matter of time before Ableton got around to putting out a cutdown version of Live 7. Well, spec details have now been revealed, so let's have a look at what it offers.

Live 7 LE can handle 32-bit/192kHz audio and enables you to use up to 64 audio tracks per project (plus unlimited MIDI tracks). It comes with more than 20 audio effects, plus two software instruments in the shape of Simpler (a basic sampler) and Impulse (a drum machine).

This being Live, you´ve got real-time timestretching and warping of audio, and you can tweak the software´s controls with your favourite MIDI hardware (some controllers can be mapped instantly). To make the most of your computer´s power, there´s support for multi-core and multi-processor machines.

Of course, this being an LE version, there are certain limitations. You can only have two simultaneous stereo audio inputs and outputs, while each project can host a maximum of 12 built-in audio effects, eight built-in instruments, two AU/VST effects and two AU/VST instruments.

Other restrictions include no support for ReWire or REX files, no video import/export, no track freezing, a maximum of two send and return tracks per project, only eight Scenes per project and no editing of Instrument, Drum and Effect Racks.

Live 7 LE will be available in May for Mac and PC. The download version will cost $149/€129, while a boxed copy will set you back $199/€169. In the meantime, anyone who buys a copy of Live 6 LE and registers it before July 30 2008 will be entitled to a free upgrade to version 7.

What´s more, Live LE users who decide that they need more functionality can pay to upgrade to Live 7 or Ableton Suite.

For a more detailed guide to Live 7 LE, head on over to the Ableton website.

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