Lemur for iPad user devises Ableton Live controller

Will Push come to Shove?
Will Push come to Shove?

Those who find Ableton Live's hardware controller Push too heavy to carry on the bus to soundchecks might find solace in a strange new development: a Lemur user has created an iPad alternative.

Cheekily titled Shove, the download is free for registered Lemur users, and replicates the workflow of Push to the extent that it might well appeal to those working with Live on the fly.

Rather than as simple alternative to Push, Shove also enables its users to select Push as the control layout, indicating that your workflow can transmit seamlessly between the two controllers.

The download comes with plenty of disclaimers and there is always the possiblity that Ableton will see fit to terminate this remote control as soon as possible. Until then, those curious can have a glance at Shove in the Liine library.