Learn now to master using iZotope's Ozone - for free

Will iZotope's guide help you to master Ozone?
Will iZotope's guide help you to master Ozone?

Not content with giving would-be mastering mavens the software they need to do it on their computers - that'll be the superb Ozone 6 - iZotope is also showing its customers how to use it via the 2015 edition of its free mastering guide.

This 68-page document covers mastering basics, general EQ tips, dynamics, loudness maximising, stereo imaging, meters, dynamic EQ and many other concepts. There's also insight and advice from a range of mastering pros.

Although it's probably Ozone users who stand to get the most out of it, iZotope says that the guide may prove useful to anyone who's keen to increase their knowledge of mastering.

You can download the mastering guide either as a PDF from the iZotope website or as an iTunes ebook. Also be sure to check out our own 12 essential pro mastering tips.

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