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Klevgrand releases Haaze, a new stereo tool, and makes its Svep modulation processor available for free

If you're searching for width in your mix, Klevgrand thinks that Haaze, its new iOS app and desktop plugin, can help. Meanwhile the company is also making Svep, another of its products, available for free.

Haaze is designed to 'stereoize' mono and narrow-sounding sounds, and works by splitting the input signal into 16 different frequency regions running from 20Hz to 20kHz. It can add a different amount of stereo widening to each band; you could leave the lower frequencies in mono but spread the higher ones, for example.

The VST/AU version of Haaze can be purchased now from the Klevgrand website priced at $13 (that's 35% off the regular price) while the iOS version currently costs $5 (a 37.5% off price) and is available on the Apple App Store.

Svep, on the other hand, is now completely free. This combines phaser, flanger and chorus effects into one processor, with everything being controllable from a single, simple display. Again, it's available as a VST/AU plugin and iOS app, and you can find out more on the Klevgrand website.

Ben Rogerson

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