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It's no secret that we love a good synthesizer here at FM. Sure, we're also partial to a decent drum machine or a quality sampler too, and we can easily get hot under the collar about a well-spec'd DAW, but it's mostly all about the synths. From gritty analogue monosynths to complex digital ambience machines - we're a bunch of self-certified synth nerds. And what do nerds do with things they love? They make lists about them of course!

There is, however, much more to our bumper-sized cover feature than just arbitrary list making. In fact, the crux of this issue is all about the tutorials. We're using our favourite hardware and software synths as a jumping-off point to explore all sorts of synthesis and sound design techniques - from classic analogue sound-shaping to creative effects processing and beyond.

Alongside each synth in our list you'll find a tutorial, and each tutorial comes complete with a video in which we go even deeper into our sound-shaping subject matter. To get the most out of this issue, be sure to grab all the videos, audio and synth-tastic samples from:

We hope you enjoy reading the issue as much we've enjoyed putting it together. Oh, and be sure to hit us up on Facebook and Twitter to let us know how completely brilliant/misguided/criminally insane you think our top synth list is…

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The Field - Axel Willner has built a career on looping without ever repeating himself. We catch up with him in his synth-stuffed apartment in Berlin and talk sampling, modular and new album, The Follower

Carl Cox - We meet the legend himself and talk DJing, technology and 15 years of Space

Sasha - We catch up with the legendary DJ/producer and fi nd out more about Scene Delete, his Late Night Tales album

The Track: Matador - The Techno wizard breaks down his new label's first release, The Enemy feat. Felix Da Housecat

Classic Album - Chromeo break down their synth funk classic Fancy Footwork


The 20 Greatest Synths In The World (And How To Use Them) - Dive into our tutorial-packed guide to the best hardware and plug-in synths. Complete with 20+ video walkthroughs

Modular Monthly - Get creative with the Loquelic Iteritas digital oscillator


  • Korg Volca FM
  • Soulsby Atmegatron Odytron Special Edition
  • Joey Sturgis Tones Finality
  • Universal Audio Apollo Twin USB
  • Keith McMillen K-Mix
  • AAS Chromaphone 2
  • And more...


Synth Icons - Vintage bass, pad and synth percussion sounds that replicate a host of classic tones from some true synth icons

Lo-Fi Sampling - Crunchy, bitcrushed and stretched-out hits and loops that recreate the characterful sound of classic, lo-fi samplers

PLUS: UPDATED THIS ISSUE! Access the FM sample archive - Download the 'Archive' packs and get over 8GB of loops, hits and instruments from our back catalogue of high-quality and royalty-free samples. From vintage synths and drum machines to esoteric instruments and FX - think of it as our best of. All the samples you need to create great music!

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