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Issue 271 of Future Music is on sale now

Five or so years ago it seemed as if the world of hardware - particularly analogue hardware - was on borrowed time. With 'everything' possible inside a laptop and manufacturers turning everything digital for reasons that we simply wouldn't understand, the 'wall of synths' or 'tower of outboard' was fast becoming a rarity. Indeed, visiting stars' studios in around 2008 often revealed not much more than a computer, a pair of monitors and "this amazing new VST I've discovered". But just as tastes for music and fashion change, morph and swing back around, likewise the world of music making, and right now it feels like hardware - and in particular inexpensive analogue hardware - is back on its game. And that makes us happy.


Korg's Volca series shows what can be done when a major manufacturer puts its mind to ripping up the rule book and at just £119 each they're an absolute steal. Check out the review and the audio examples included with the mag.

As for artists this month, we visit a pair of innovators in the shape of EDM figurehead Robert DeLong and House music's prime mover Yousef. And we wrap up the issue with two amazing features that'll get your music sounding great: Mix Polish and Analogue and Digital Explained. We hope you enjoy!

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