Hosting AU: the free Mac "MicroDAW"

If you re looking for a simple plugin host recorder Hosting AU could be worth a look
If you're looking for a simple plugin host/recorder, Hosting AU could be worth a look.

When is a DAW not a DAW? When it's a microDAW, of course, and this is how Juno Ju-X is pitching Hosting AU, its new free Mac app.

Designed to host Audio Units effect and instrument plugins, this comes with a 4+1 channel mixer, an external audio input, a 24-bit recorder and a "music typing kind of feature" known as LazyKey. This is a lean software machine that the developer says can be used as you would an old 4-channel multitracker.

Compatible with Max OS X 10.6 or later, you can download Hosting AU from the Juno Ju-X website.

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