H20 Audio: 100% waterproof headphones, iPod case

Given the fact that listening to music on an MP3 player while exercising helps improve physical endurance, it's a real shame - for swimming-types - that water and electricity don't mix. Luckily, H20 Audio's Surge in-ear headphones and Amphibx armbands are 100% waterproof…

Amphibx armbands are inspired by wetsuits - tight fitting Lycra for your iPhone, iPod or other slim-line MP3 player - and it's a concept easy enough to grasp. Waterproof headphones, on the other hand, are far more interesting. If you've ever dropped one of your ear buds into a cup of tea you'll know what we mean.

Surge in-ear headphones are waterproof to 12ft (3.6m) and include a waterproof 8mm neodymium driver and a waterproof gold plated 3.5mm jack. Each pair comes with five different-sized earplugs so your ear is nice and watertight.

For iPod shuffle-lovers, H20 Audio also does the iSH2 headset. Your shuffle sits behind your head in a waterproof case.

Anything that enables us to listen to music while tackling the monotonous task of swimming lengths in a pool full of shrieking kids is ok with us. Unfortunately, the thought of precariously strapping our prized iPhone onto our arm before hitting the surf (or a rock) as the press picture suggests, isn't very appealing.

Amphibx armbands start at $69.99 (depending on the size of your guns), Surge headphones cost $59.99 and the iSH2 headset will set you back $79.99. Buying details here.

(via: Gizmodo)

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