Listening to Queen can help you run faster

Quick, run, it's Brian May...
Quick, run, it's Brian May...

Research carried out by one Dr Costas Karageorghis at London's Brunel University has unearthed something that fitness freaks and music lovers already knew: listening to music can increase your physical endurance.

The study saw 30 participants run on a treadmill while listening to "a selection of motivational rock or pop music, including tracks by Queen, the Red Hot Chili Peppers and Madonna." They were asked to jog in time with the beat of the songs, and, after some unexplained "scientific principles" were applied to song choice, Dr Karageorghis recorded a 15% increase in endurance.

Participants also reported feeling "more positive" when music was added to the mix.

It's a marathon, not a sprint

The Run To The Beat London half-marathon (Sunday 5 October) includes no less than 17 stages along the 13-mile circuit. Bands will be playing covers of Dr Karageorghis' "scientifically selected" tracks to give the 12,500 runners a boost.

If you can't make the race, you'll have to wait until the study is published in the US Periodical Journal Of Sport & Exercise Psychology before you can compile the 'jogging playlist' on your iPod. Mind you, if Queen are involved, you can't go far wrong with Don't Stop Me Now and We Are The Champions.

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