Get TR-606 sounds in your TR-8… or as a plugin

Choices, choices.
Choices, choices.

Roland has announced that it will be adding the TR-606 add-on to its 7X7 expansion pack for the TR-8.

There's very little flesh on the bones of yesterday's announcement - on 6/06 day, naturally - which states that the add-on will be coming soon. As it is part of the existing 7X7 expansion, it is unclear whether existing owners will be offered the 606 sounds for free, or at extra cost.

Keep your eyes peeled for more news on the Roland Aira website.

If you can't wait to get stuck into some drumatix action, then perhaps consider Monade Sounds' Pure606 plugin. This is a sampled-based emulation of the 1981 classic, which features sounds recorded at 24-bit/44.1kHz quality.

Pure606 is available now for just $12. To buy and for more information, check out the Monade Sounds website.

Pure606 features

  • The original TR-606 drum kit
  • 14 additional 606 drum kits processed through vintage units
  • Compressor
  • Stereo out and multi-output TR-606 drum kits
  • Sub effect for the kick drum
  • Reverb for the hi-hats and cymbal sounds
  • 32-bit/64-bit VST plugin for Windows
  • Universal VST/AU plugin for Mac OSX

Pure606 included kits

  • Standard 606 Kit
  • Produced 606 Kit
  • Tube 606 Kit
  • Cassette 606 Kit
  • MPC60 606 Kit
  • C64 606 Kit
  • SP-1200 606 Kit
  • Dirty 606 Kit
  • Russian Tube 606 Kit
  • Tape Saturation 606 Kit
  • NES 606 Kit
  • SNES 606 Kit
  • Sega Master System 606 Kit
  • MegaDrive 606 Kit
  • Amiga 606 Kit
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