Generate music automatically with the ITVL step sequencer

Klysoft has introduced ITVL, a step sequencer with a difference. Rather than requiring you to input all the notes yourself, it's semi-generative, meaning that the software can do at least some of the composing work itself.

You still have plenty of control - it's up to the user to decide when the next step will be triggered - but ITVL's 'dynamic' nature could be useful on those occasions when you go to the well of inspiration but discover that it's run dry.

ITVL operates standalone on PC and Mac, but has four independent but linkable tracks and can host two VST plugins. As you'll see if you watch the video above, this means that you can use it to come up with some pretty intricate arrangements.

Klysoft ITVL features

  • 32-Step next generation dynamic sequencer.
  • 4 Independent linkable tracks.
  • 4 Separate MIDI out.
  • 2 Customizable scales.
  • 1 Chromatic scale.
  • Each track has a mono mode and poly mode.
  • Add variation to the pattern automatically.
  • Split pattern and send to different MIDI channels.
  • MIDI control & sync.
  • Standalone / host 2 VST plug-ins.

Find out more and download a demo on the Klysoft website. ITVL is available now for the introductory price of $40.

Ben Rogerson
Deputy Editor

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