Free synth from Native Instruments

A free synth for Christmas from NI.
A free synth for Christmas from NI.

Skanner is a new and free Reaktor-powered synth that was built by Reaktor founding father Stephan Schmitt.This fuses sampler and synthesizer technologies and is available right now.

Each oscillator can 'scan' a sample, so Native tells us, which means that at low frequencies you get the 'scratch' sound of the sample being read back and forth, while at higher frequencies the dominant force is the oscillators being shaped by the sample waveform.

The resulting sounds are raw, gritty, wobbly and perfect for tough electronica, electro house, dubstep, industrial and much more. Anything that involves a gratifyingly harsh super-synth type sound, basically.

The synth is available free over at the Native Instruments website and will work happily in either the free Reaktor 5 Player or the full Reaktor 5.6.2. So what are you waiting for?