FREE Stereo Toolkit: Panagement CM

Far from a simple panning plugin, this VST/AU stereo toolkit from Auburn Sounds helps you to dial in width, depth and psychoacoustic space to any sound. And what's more, it's free for readers of Computer Music issue 238!

Panagement CM is a sophisticated tool based on psychoacoustic principles - ie, the knowledge of how we hear and perceive sounds. Stereoise any mono sound with the in-depth Mono To Stereo sections, widen or narrow your sound's focus with the Width control, tweak its perceived closeness with the Distance control, make use of psychoacoustic stereo principles with the Binaural Pan section, and keep track of your impressive stereo placement using the onboard Goniometer.

Take a look at what Panagement CM can do in the below video, and check out the feature list below. Grab it now with your copy of CM238!


  • AU/VST plugin for use on Mac and PC
  • Distance fader to position sounds with psychoacoustic depth
  • Width control to spread sounds across the stereo field
  • Mono to Stereo section with Delay, Amount and Cutoff controls
  • Tilt control for broadly shifting a signal's stereo content
  • Binaural Pan control with Head Delay and Spectral controls
  • Dry/Wet control plus Output level fader
  • Mono button to sum the signal and check phase cancellations

To get even more control over your 3D sounds, check out the full version of Auburn Sounds' Panagement, which features an LFO module. Get the Pan, Distance, Gain and Tilt parameters moving, and tweak waveform, Rate and Phase - it's available now for €29

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